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ShoppyColourBag cotton bag - light blue
Code: 401831
Waterproof XL pouch - magenta
Code: 316763
Banner-pen frosty - Frosted Green
Code: LT80390-N5431
Ball pen with textmarker 2-in-1 - Black
Code: LT81416-N0002
Ball pen Vegetal clear - Frosted Dark Blue
Code: LT87540-N5410
Nonwoven shopper - grey
Code: 8977-003999999
Ball pen Modena stylus - White
Code: LT87775-N0001
Automatic pongee (190T) umbrella - grey
Code: 8984-003999999
Hand sanitiser spray - Transparent Orange
Code: LT90345-N0426
Bamboo cup (350ml) - lime
Code: 7874-019999999
Silicone watch flash - Grey
Code: LT91051-N0061
Large (600D) polyester sports/travel bag - black/black
Code: 7947-208999999
Plastic speaker featuring wireless technology - light blue
Code: 7297-018999999
Flavour, mix & match coffee to go - Dark brown
Code: LT91714-N0050
Plastic stylus rollerball (black) - red
Code: 6154-008999999
Tritan water bottle (700ml) - neutral
Code: 4293-021999999
Inflatable football - white
Code: 9655-002999999
Swing bottle 500ml - Light Green
Code: LT98807-N0032
Polyester (190T) drawstring backpack - lime
Code: 6242-019999999
USB flash drive Micro Twist 4 GB - Aquamarine
Code: 1280256-467